Be safer online, browse faster

Frustrated now? Choose to change!

I know. You don’t want to hear it. Life is complicated enough. Why must there be yet one more decision to make? But the choice of which web browser software to use is worth consideration: from the point of view of safety, of speed, and of aesthetics.


You know what many old-version browsers have in common — especially the more widely used ones? Some malcontent with a warped values system has figured a hack that compromises security and allows a loophole for evil scripts to pick up information you don’t want shared.

Think about it. Browsers don’t cost anything (any more). So it’s not like Firefox or Microsoft is going to make a couple of bucks off you when you follow their prompt to upgrade to the current version. Often it’s because some security breach has been identified and is dealt with in the upgrade.

Speed and aesthetics

I’m lumping these together because often they go hand in hand. The unescapable trend is for websites to be periodically enhanced to entrance the visitors and get them to stay longer on the site, interact more, and/or buy more products. (And come back again and again!)

Since one can’t think one-dimensionally any longer, companies have web developers craft sites that can be easily deployed on a variety of browsers and devices. From smart phones to iPads and beyond, the push is to make things ever more easy, for both the technically adept as well as the regular Joe, and this means utilizing markup and programming that old browsers couldn’t even dream about. No glimmer of an idea about, and don’t know how to handle.

And since programming for all the limitations of older browsers puts a hefty surcharge on a company’s web development budget, you might just be missing out.

So choose one of these modern browsers. Make your life a little simpler.